The Port of Alicante is geographically situated at 0º 30´W longitude and 38º 20´N latitude, a strategic condition that places it at just one night’s journey from the main Mediterranean Spanish ports: Barcelona (228 miles), Málaga (247 miles) and the Balearic Islands (166 miles).

It is fully integrated into the city, offering passengers the chance to visit the different places with tourist attractions offered by Alicante without the need to resort to trains.

However, Alicante’s best calling card is undoubtedly its extraordinary climate, with mild winters and warm summers that allow the entire province to enjoy a constant spring for 9 months a year, with an annual average temperature of 18ºC and over 2,700 hours of sunshine a year.

Cruise ships

The cruise ship terminal’s proximity to the city makes the city of Alicante particularly attractive as a stopover on the Mediterranean route or a cruise ship base port.

The Cruise Ship Maritime Terminal building has become quite an example of the city’s transformation.

The building, constructed in the 1960s, has been completely renovated and adapted to new usage, becoming a new architectural and symbolic milestone both for the port and for the city itself.

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Cruise schedule


The company Romeu y Cía, through its client Algerie Ferries, offers passenger and vehicle transportation services from the Port of Alicante in Spain to the Port of Oran in Algeria.

There are daily departures and arrivals to and from Oran during the summer months.

The rest of the year, departures and arrivals to and from Oran run weekly.

Sporadic departures and arrivals to and from Algiers and Mostaganem also run.

Consult timetables, tickets and any other information on the company’s website:

Ferry Argelia


Tabarca is the only inhabited island of the Valencian Community and is located opposite the city of Alicante, 11 nautical miles away and near Santa Pola.

In the past, its coasts sheltered Berber pirates. In the 18th century, Charles III of Spain ordered it to be fortified and established a town to house several fishermen’s families from Genoa who were captured in the Tunisian city of Tabarka. The walls surrounding its town have been declared a Historical Artistic Complex and Cultural Heritage Site.

The Kontiki boat company covers the regular line from Alicante to Tabarca Island with a fleet of three boats.

It runs return trips on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, departing from the Port of Alicante. Tickets can be bought directly before boarding, which is done on Paseo Mártires de la Libertad, or in advance on its website.

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