Commercial Observatory

The Commercial Observatory came from the desire of Alicante Port Authority to drive the commercial spirit and convey it to the entire business collective in Alicante province and its hinterland. Today, more than ever, and with the current health crisis, our premise is to work intensively in the recovery and consolidation of traffic and to position the Port of Alicante as the port of the entire province.

To do so, this Commercial Observatory was created in order to pursue the production, collation and evaluation of information regarding the province’s economic and logistics activity, as well as exterior maritime transport flows, in order to offer a Port of Alicante service that is more attractive for the business sector and that meets its needs.

Another important pillar in this new Observatory will be Port-City Integration, Sustainability and Environment, with the sole purpose of promoting not only environmentally but also economically responsible activities. We seek out excellence in being a port “committed to its city” and we want that “commitment” to be perceived by all Alicante inhabitants.


Create a space for intermediation between institutions, logistics providers and companies from the Port of Alicante hinterland, which contributes to the creation of synergies and unification of efforts in order to, firstly, recover and consolidate traffic and commercial activity and, secondly, generate for Alicante a bond of coexistence with the port that the province’s business sector can make its own.

Why a Commercial Observatory?

In a situation like today’s, in which it is hard to improve turnover and build up loyalty or capture new traffic, observation and analysis constitute basic tools to outline new strategies and achieve new goals. Further, in this health crisis, we need to strengthen bonds with our business logistics community and unite efforts in facilitating the transit of goods and promoting initiatives which encourage the economic reactivation of the province.

 The flow of information between the main representatives of the commercial activity linked to our port is essential to achieve those results. For this, five committees have been created that will work in favour of the different areas of activity that are developed at our port.

  • Goods Committee
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
  • Public Port Area Committee
  • Quasi-customs Services Committee

Members of the Observatory

The Commercial Observatory will align institutions, logistics providers and the main companies of Alicante province, and will consist of symposia and working meetings that will be announced sufficiently in advance to make the most of synergies and the sharing of any information that is beneficial for each of the members.

  • Alicante Port Authority
  • Port Community
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Community
  • Maritime Community
  • Port Logistics Communit


Commercial division

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