Sustainable innovation

There is a broad consensus on the role of ports in the digital transformation and the green deal being driven in Europe by community institutions, and which will mobilise a large volume of resources in the 2021-2027 period. To that end, Alicante Port Authority has created an Innovation Division as an expression of commitment to and interest in energising the port-logistics community to drive its competitiveness and sustainability, and as such Alicante’s attraction as a base of more innovative operations and business.

The Port of Alicante starts thus; a series of initiatives aimed at developing a different model of innovation that takes advantage of the singularity of the Port of Alicante, both due to its flexibility and its diversity, which are essential characteristics to achieve a vibrant ecosystem of innovation.

And in order to spread our ambition across the entire port cluster to make the port ever more attractive, we are creating a series of vehicles. Firstly, an Innovation Committee that will bring together on a monthly basis the ´ambassadors of change´ of the Authority itself who are identifying ideas and shaping future initiatives. Secondly, a bimonthly Technology Forum, together with Digital District, because there is evidence that when it comes to innovating, a company’s first partners are suppliers. Thirdly, the PortLab, which will serve as a channel to the companies of the cluster, in order to design solutions to common interest problems through three progressive lines of service: generating IDEAS, in order to mobilise participation, designing PROTOTYPES, in co-creation of solutions of specific interest, and developing PROJECTS by advising companies on access to national and European sources of public financing.