Air quality

One of the biggest challenges being undertaken by the APA lies in improving the port environment air quality, especially in the control of emissions produced by diffuse sources and specifically for handling solid bulk outdoors.

The measures implemented by the APA to guarantee that the environmental air quality goals required by current regulations are complied with are twofold: firstly, corrective, through the implementation of windbreak barriers, nebuliser cannons and water diffusors for the humidification of warehousing and/or creation of a moist atmosphere to support the screens, as well as the location of wheel washers in areas of greater transit; and secondly, through better operational control so that there is direct intervention on handling operations from certain wind direction and speed conditions, among other factors.

In order to achieve these goals, the Environment Division conducts continuous monitoring of immission levels (PM10), which are included in the four air quality control stations that the APA has situated in contact areas with the city and which are connected to the Valencian Network of Surveillance and Control of Atmospheric Contamination. There are also several weather stations which enables us to establish and control operational security risks.

PM10 particle immission self-control (Royal Decree 102/2011)

Alicante Port Authority has a meter which carries out continuous measurements of PM10 particles, enabling us to obtain real time air quality data.

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