Next Generation Funds

The Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, hereinafter PRTR, is an instrument promoted by the European Union aimed at mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as transforming society, with the objectives of modernising the productive fabric, promoting “decarbonisation” and respect for the environment, encouraging digitalisation, and improving the structures and resources allocated to research and training, ultimately achieving a greater capacity of society to overcome problems such as the Pandemic.

The Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan approved by the European Union for the Kingdom of Spain includes various investment actions in the Port of Alicante, which will be financed by funds from the recovery and resilience mechanism.

The Port Authority of Alicante, as the executing entity of the PRTR, includes in the following documents the regulations, form of action, management and control of those actions subsidised by MRR funds, with special emphasis on the policies of the anti-fraud plan and other organisational measures for the appropriate management established in the matter, which will lead to the marked objective of preserving the interests of the European Union.