Space for the promotion of the culture of innovation in the Alicante port-logistics community


The Port’s commitment to sustainable innovation is the right strategy to refine the services offering and to boost Alicante’s attractiveness for business. In an international port logistics environment, the need to firmly evolve to strategies based on the circular economy and reducing enviromental impact is confirmed.

In this context, the concept of PortLab focused on the Smart Circular Economy will enable a qualitative leap in the positioning of the Port of Alicante as a social, economic and environmental facilitator.

What it is

The Alicante PortLab is set up as an open innovation space led from current and potential demand of the cluster, the companies of Alicante’s port logistics community.

By applying the model of open innovation, attracting and combining the flow of knowledge and ideas with the different agents of the ecosystem, the Port of Alicante is a magnificent test and scale environment, creating synergies between sectors and technologies.

The following participate in this ecosystem:

  • Agents of innovation: universities and technology centres.
  • Technology solutions providers: companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  • Citizens and Public Administrations.

Strategic definition


Encourage an ecosystem based on an Intelligent Circular Economy integrated with the city, which allows the Port of Alicante to be positioned as the most sustainable in the Mediterranean.


To become a benchmark in the practical application of the Intelligent Circular Economy at an international level.


The PortLab will serve as a channel for the cluster companies to design solutions to problems of common interest through three progressive service lines.

  • In the first place, generate IDEAS to mobilize the participation of local, national and international agents in the face of open challenges of a general nature.
  • Second, PROTOTYPES in co-creation of solutions of specific interest to certain companies in the cluster.

And finally, PROJECTS advising companies in accessing national public sources of financing (Ports 4.0) and, in the medium term, also European.