General references

General conditions
Longitude (Greenwich) 0º 29,26′ W
Latitude 38º 20,17′ N
Wind regime
Reigning East, 7º South
Dominant East, 7º South
Storm regime in deep waters
Significant wave height with a return period of 50 years 2 h. maximum wave (m.), 6.82 S
Maximum tidal run Not appreciable
Cota of the B.M.V.E. with respect to the zero of the port Not appreciable
Cota of the P.M.V.E. id. Not appreciable
Input channel
Orientation South
Width 500 m.
Stall in B.M.V.E. 15 m.
Background nature Sands and mud
Length 800 m
Inlet mouth
Orientation West
Width 330 m
Stall in B.M.V.E. 14,5 m
Maximum registered current Not available
Use of tugboats in and out of ships Not precise
Largest ship entered in the last year Greater length Greater draft
Name Britannia Xing Huan Hai
12 / 5000 Resultados de traducción Nationality UK Hong Kong
G.T. 143.730 44.398
T.P.M. 11.793 81.361
Length 330,00 228,00
Maximum draft 8,55 14,48
Kind Cruise Passage Solid Bulk Carriers
Actual draft at entry or exit 8,00 11,2