Project Office


We look for new ideas or projects that develop new technologies, introduce innovative products, services or processes in the market or improve existing ones. They can have direct application in the logistics-port ecosystem of Alicante or be related to it, for example, they have room for ideas or projects of general interest linked to the ports or the different links in the logistics chain.

  • Selection criteria
  • Calendar
  • Who can participate
  • Benefits for participating
  • Tipos de proyectos
  • How to apply

The ideas / projects presented will be selected in a qualifying process of 3 phases and 2 selection points.

  • Strategy: Alignment with the APA strategy.
  • Market: Benefits and impact on the Alicante ecosystem, scalability.
  • Technology: Level of innovation, robustness of the plan.
  • Finance: Business model and financing plan.

Workshop 1: March 2021 (March 10 and 11). Workshop 2: April 2021 Presentation of Ports 4.0 projects, according to the call.

  • National and international bulk port logistics companies.
  • National and international container logistics-port companies.
  • Technological centers of redIT, Tecnalia, Eurecat, Fedit.
  • Universities of the Valencian community
  • Companies of the Digital Districtof the Valencian Community.
  • Engineering companies national and international consultancies.
  • Start ups, spin offs,.
  • Get the support of the APA in the presentation of the project.
  • Identify possible collaborators for the project and future ones.
  • Greater efficiency in the design of the project step by step.
  • Improvement of the probability of success of the proposal.
  • Proyectos relacionados a la convocatoria Ports 4.0
  • Eficiencia de las operaciones portuarias:
    • Automatización.
    • Robotización.
    • Vehículos autónomos.
    • Sensorización.
    • Datos
    • Etc..
  • Sostenibilidad, economía circular y energía. Green Ports.
  • Seguridad y protección de personas, mercancías y datos.
  • Digitalización de procesos.
  • Integración de datos.
    • IoT.
    • Big Data.
    • Blockchain.
    • Etc.

Cumplimenta el formulario de solicitud para el primer taller. Una vez recibamos tu formulario, nos pondremos en contacto contigo para formalizar la reserva.