Port Authority

The Port of Alicante, the main logistics platform in the province of Alicante, faces the future from the security provided by being an essential instrument for the relaunch of the Alicante economy in the new global order that is coming.

The potential of the Port of Alicante is based on its geographical location, since it encompasses an area of ​​influence where municipalities as relevant as Alicante, Elche, Murcia and Albacete converge, even penetrating towards Madrid through the industrial zones of Vinalopó. The strength of the business fabric of this space is based on an optimal transport infrastructure: port, highways, roads and airport, with which its export capacity and commercial tradition are increased.

But the commitment of the Alicante Port Authority is not only focused on the development and management of logistics infrastructures, but is committed to public, social and economic institutions to introduce the necessary strategic changes and thus favor the establishment of new companies in your environment of influence.

The definition and development of a new port model is an ongoing objective whose development goes hand in hand with the logistics strategy of the Valencian Community. The adaptation of the existing infrastructures and the commissioning of the new south basin will contribute to greater commercial specialization.

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