General Conditions


Longitude (Greenwich) 0º 29,26′   W
Latitude 38º 20,17′ N
Wind conditions
Prevailing East, 7º South
Dominant East, 7º South

Storm conditions in deep water

Significant wave height with a return period of fifty years 2 h. maximum wave height (m.), 6,82 S


Maximum tidal range Not measurable
Height of LWL referring to port zero Not measurable
Height of HWL referring to port zero Not measurable


Entrance channel

Position South facing
Width 500 m.
Water depth at LWL 15 m.
Seabed Sand and mud
Length 800 m

Entrance mouth

Position West facing
Width 330 m
Water depth at LWL 14,5 m
Maximum current recorded Not available
Tug assistance in ship approaching Not required

Largest ship entered in the last Year

Greatest length Great depth
Name Serenade of the Seas Medi Libson
Nationality Bahamas Panama
GRT 90.090 32.379
DWT 11.960 58.710
Length 293,20 189,99
Depth 8,50 13,04
Type Passenger Cruise Ship Solid Bulk Carrier
Real depth on entry or exit 8,50 13,04